Technical Skills Consortium

Our Mission

Business Sense has been appointed to lead a UK Consortium of Vocational Education and Training Providers set up to promote vocational training in Nigeria through Apprenticeship Programme. The aim of the Consortium is among other things to advice the Government and work with economically inactive adults and young people to develop a positive attitude which would enable them to embrace vocational pathways as route to sustainable employment.

The Consortium members are approved and accredited in the UK as top Vocational Training Providers supporting employers and their staff. Our strength lies in the 60 years combined experience of recruitment and training of staff in a wide range of fields. We currently support over 200 small/ medium to large employers including local authorities in the UK.

Vocational Training in Nigeria

With over 60 years of combined experience in recruitment and employer engagement, our Programme is designedto respond to Nigeria's increase in graduate unemployment which in effect hampers economic growth. We recognise that self esteem and confidence is adveresly  affected when the working age group of people are economically inactive. This in effect leads to increase in crime rates. Our Programme is dedicated to respond to the needs of both employers and unemployed graduates; this will also benefit existing employees wishing to retrain.

"Our aim is to create a confident, competent and empowered workforce with increasingly sophisticated skills"

  • To create an awareness for the need to bring about a cultural shift in attitudes to Apprenticeships and to understand their role in driving up demand for business growth.
  • To promote high quality apprenticeships within Nigerian unemployed graduates, promote engagement and participation between employers and unemployed, increasing the number of employers offering apprenticeships vacancies in a wide range of vocations.
  • To advise Government on how best to overcome barriers to graduate unemployment and promote Apprenticeship route as part of the solution to Nigeria skills shortage and economic growth.
  • To use our employability skills tool to promote individuals awarenes of the resources readily available within their immediate community to foster entrepreneurial spirit and secure jobs for the unemployed.